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Accessible Health Care

Health care reform has been a top priority for Congress and the administration, and many of the changes discussed over the course of the months could significantly impact members of the MDA community. Individuals and families affected by chronic, serious and life-threatening diseases such as muscular dystrophy, spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) and other neuromuscular disorders have unique needs and health care demands that span the course of a lifetime—and access to high-quality, affordable, comprehensive health insurance is essential. Protections that ensure access to care for those living with conditions including those under MDA’s umbrella—such as no preexisting condition exclusions, no annual or lifetime coverage maximums, and allowing young people to remain on their parents’ plan until age 26—are imperative to our community.

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Virtual Job Fair Features Work and Employer Programs to Help People with Disabilities

Unfortunately, many members of the neuromuscular disease community face challenges when seeking and maintaining employment.

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10 Tips for Traveling With Physical Disabilities

There’s no reason for a family member with a permanent or temporary physical limitation to stay home during a trip. Accessible travel is more popular than ever and with proper planning.

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