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Dalia DeLeon, founder of Bridging Resources

Sometimes people will magically appear in our Duchenne journeys who shine brightly with love, compassion and advocacy. They are dependable and knowledgeable. They often become our rock.

Dalia DeLeon has been that rock for countless neuromuscular families. Based in Houston, Texas, Dalia worked for the local Muscular Dystrophy Association for decades. She has recently branched out to create her own nonprofit to support the neuromuscular community. Her nonprofit is called Bridging Resources.

Dalia’s is a Duchenne story that is usually untold. It’s the story of the medical staff and team that support the neuromuscular community and advocate for us tirelessly. It’s the story of strangers becoming family. It’s the story of dedication.

I asked Dalia if she would share her story with us and she kindly said yes. Below is her story in her own words.

To learn more about Bridging Resources , please visit their Facebook page or website:

Hi everyone,

I wanted to share my journey and how I got the greatest opportunity to work with the neuromuscular community.

It all started when I began working with Muscular Dystrophy Association April of 2006. I attended the MDA clinic 3 times a week at Texas Clinical Care center, now the Mark Wallace Tower.

Throughout the years I met some amazing MD families whom I now call friends. I helped families with resources through MDA. I was an advocate and attended IEP meetings with parents, did presentations in classrooms and assemblies. I educated the faculty, staff and students about neuromuscular diseases.

I was the MDA camp director for 15 years. It was the most magical week of the year. I attended camp at Camp for All. I really enjoyed helping the parents prepare their children for a week away from home. As well as reassuring the parents their child would be in excellent hands while they got much needed respite care. I loved watching the kids have fun all week. It was amazing.

In April of 2020 I was furloughed by MDA because of the Pandemic and in 2021 the local Houston office closed. This closure pushed me to follow my dream and create my own nonprofit called Bridging Resources. I wanted to continue helping the local neuromuscular community.

I love working with the neuromuscular community and being able to assist the families with anything they might need on their journey. I have shared their struggles and triumphs, I have been there for some families as they are newly diagnosed at MDA clinic. But on the flip side I have been there when some of these kids graduate and get married.

Bridging Resources is developing the Parent, newly diagnosed and the young adult support groups which are scheduled to launch in March or April.

My passion is helping people and I will continue to work hard to fully develop all the current programs at Bridging Resources. It is great that we are able to collaborate with other local groups and together we can make a difference.



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