Spotlight: My name is Fabiola Amaya

My name is Fabiola Amaya and I am a Junior Social Work major with a minor in Critical Disability Studies at the University of Texas. For the last couple of years I have been very passionate about disability justice work which has not only led me to pursue a career where I can advocate for disabled individuals, but also to start an initiative on the UT campus.

I am founder and co-president of On the Moov. On the Moov is a partnership program which aims to revolutionize campus accessibility through the power of community. We partner able-bodied students with disabled students on campus to help the navigate the physical space at UT by opening doors, pushing elevator buttons, and crossing crosswalks. On the Moov also provides disability awareness presentations to student organizations around campus to educate able-bodied students about the disabled community.

The co-founder of On the Moov is former MDA camp counselor, Lauren Hart. I met Lauren during my time at MDA camp as a camper and kept in touch well after graduating from camp. Lauren has been a mentor throughout my time at UT and together we came up with the idea for On the Moov and have been working alongside other UT students and alumni since.

I am beyond excited to have the opportunity of developing this system which will have a positive impact on disabled college students. Our goal is for On the Moov to continue growing and eventually be adopted by other colleges and universities to provide support to their students.

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